What people are saying about their Just Arting Around experience:

Anne W.                                                                          
High energy teacher. Very positive person
March 2019                                                                                                    
                                                                                                                   [FIVE OUT OF FIVE PAINT PALETTES]

Angela Bosaaen
It was so much fun! Sid guided us but let us put our own special twist to our pieces! We loved it so much we decided to book a birthday party for our 13 year old!! Sid is the BEST!!
March  2019

Godan Nambudiripad
I took one class Swirly Trees at a local school adult class. It was a painting done after 50 years. It was fun and had a good picture to take home.
March 2019

Kate Fitzgerald
Sid is an enthusiastic and patient teacher. All students are encouraged to interpret the painting individually. I would definitely take another class from her and I do tell my friends to check this out. It's always fun!
March 2019

Lori Soyring
It was so easy to follow Sid's step by step instructions to paint my own masterpiece! I have no experience painting. She made it simple and fun! I also appreciate that Sid encourages individual creativity. Each painting was unique.
March 2019

Cait Monette   
Was a great personalize paint class, fun time and relaxed, would recommend
January 2019 ·

Shai Bosaaen   
It was an amazing experience and great for everyone
February 2019

Lori Voit Skram   
My 12 year old and 6 of her friends had a great time painting at our home for her birthday party! Sid did a great job walking the girls through the painting, and also really being flexible with them if they wanted to do different colors, add different elements, etc. Very fun party!!
January 2019

Judith Kerrigan-Krodel   
Had a wonderful time with lovely friends. Sid made painting very relaxing and fun was had by all!
September 2018 · 

Scott Metcalf
Sid did the unbelievable and taught me to actually paint something ! I didnt believe that was possible, but after attending one of her parties, I now proudly display my Owl painting !! She is a true wonder  :)
September 2018

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